hide [{{t}}haɪd] (pt hid [{{t}}hɪd], pp hidden [{{t}}'hɪdən])
1 transitive verb
(a) (conceal → person, thing) cacher; (→ disappointment, dismay, fright) dissimuler;
to hide sth from sb (ball, letter) cacher qch à qn; (emotion) dissimuler qch à qn;
we have nothing to hide nous n'avons rien à cacher ou à dissimuler;
the boy hid himself behind the door le garçon s'est caché derrière la porte;
she hid her face elle s'est caché le visage;
he hid it from sight il l'a dissimulé ou l'a dérobé aux regards;
they hid him from the police ils l'ont caché pour que la police ne le trouve pas;
{{}}figurative{{}} to hide one's light under a bushel cacher ses talents;
she doesn't hide her light under a bushel ce n'est pas la modestie qui l'étouffe;
{{}}American{{}} to hide one's head (in shame) baisser la tête (de honte)
(b) (keep secret) taire, dissimuler;
to hide the truth (from sb) taire ou dissimuler la vérité (à qn)
(c) {{}}Computing{{}} (files, records) cacher
2 intransitive verb
se cacher;
to hide from sb se cacher de qn;
have you been hiding from me? tu te caches?;
he's hiding from the police il se cache de la police;
{{}}figurative{{}} to hide behind an excuse/statistics prétexter une excuse/les statistiques;
{{}}figurative{{}} the ambassador hid behind his diplomatic immunity l'ambassadeur s'est réfugié derrière son immunité diplomatique
3 noun
(a) {{}}British{{}} (place) cachette f; (in hunting) affût m
(b) (animal skin → raw) peau f; (→ tanned) cuir m
(c) {{}}familiar{{}} {{}}figurative{{}} (of person) peau f;
to tan sb's hide tanner le cuir à qn;
I'll have your hide for that tu vas me le payer cher;
I haven't seen hide nor hair of them je n'ai eu aucune nouvelle d'eux
4 adjective
de ou en cuir
hide away
1 intransitive verb
se cacher;
to hide away (from sb/sth) se cacher (de qn/ qch)
2 separable transitive verb
hide out intransitive verb
se tenir caché;
he's hiding out from the police il se cache de la police

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